My friends call me Seph.

I offer something that helps you get through your day, and ease the stress that work or home life can often thrust upon you. We all experience stress in varying degrees, and it’s a good idea to have solutions or mechanisms to help us cope. Or maybe you just want a little extra ‘happy’ on the side, to keep a smile on your face. 


Whatever you’re looking for, I’m here to help you achieve it.


I’m of slim build, brunette, with soft skin and strong hands. A warm smile with 30something years of life & vitality behind it, I've got the skill & knowledge you’re looking for. I’m not one for a quick ‘rub & tug’; I want us to both enjoy the experience, so I take the time and make the effort to create an environment to which you’ll dream about returning.


I am happy to cater to any gender and disability, as pleasure is something that everyone deserves, from simple touch to edging, yoni or prostate massage, or help with ED. 


The laying on of hands is something sensual, intimate, welcoming. My service is to you. Whether it’s a midday retreat from the confines of your office, a loving touch that may be absent in other areas of your life, or simply the happy ending to a long day, you can know that once you lay down before me, you’ll be in very good hands.


And yes, the photos on this site are of me.